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The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Michigan State University seeks to help international students improve their English language abilities through full-time course work within the English Language Center.

IEP students are:

  • international students at MSU who need to improve their English Language skills before beginning academic coursework.
  • individuals who are not seeking a degree at MSU, but who want to improve their English skills.
    • If you are not currently an MSU student, please apply for this program through the ELC directly.

IEP courses:

  • focus on academic English.
  • range from beginning to advanced (Students are placed into levels depending on their scores on the MSU English Language Test).
  • include reading, writing, grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and special content-based courses.
  • provide 18-20 hours of instruction per week.

IEP offers:

  • orientation sessions to help students navigate cultural and academic life in the U.S.
  • cultural enrichment activities and field trips. (additional activity fees are required for some events)
  • short programs (4, 8, and 10 week programs) that will join full-semester programs already in session. Instructors are aware of short program students and will accommodate the late arrival regarding required assignments and impact on grades.



 To Apply to the ELC Intensive English Program:

     Government-sponsored Students (Information and Costs)  Application Requirements 
                          All Other Students (Information and Costs)  Application Requirements